Use of published information.

Leader’s Grid will not publish analysis, guidance, or opinion with respect to any type of security, obligation or entity. Any information published, aside from our services is considered merely a journalistic work. Our services and published information, if used by any third party to make a business or financial decision, will be solely on their own terms and responsibility, and Leader’s Grid should be relieved from any liability, loss of business, equity, or valuation, or any other direct or ancillary expected or unexpected impact or result.

Scope of services.

Worldwide Leaders Grid, LLC. (Leaders Grid) is a Business Consultancy firm. We provide with guidance on the preparation of business documents for our clients, we prepare business and marketing documents for our clients ourselves, and we develop and execute on roadmaps that help our clients enter new markets, accelerate their growth, and eventually reaching their financial goals.

Leader’s Grid does not engage in any activity sanctioned or supervised by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), or in any code or law, local, state, or federal. Our services are not geared towards nor are they offered to entities in states in which the activities we perform would be considered as required to be supervised, prohibited, restricted, or illegal, nor do we offer our services in those situs. Our scope of activities does not fall under the requirements set by the Securities Regulation Division of the California Department of Corporations. Our services, while not being considered in the situations mentioned above may be offered outside of California without having to meet the De Minimis Exemption.

What we are not: Leader’s Grid is not an attorney, financial institution, bank, securities broker, financial advisor, investment advisor (IA), or an investment banking firm. Neither we nor our partners, directors and/or employees operate under the functions of CFPs, PFSs, ChFCs, CPAs, CFAs, CIMCs, CIMAs, CICs, IARs.

Third party contracting: When a client should require services outside of our scope, we will assist in having them retain the third party services, independently and unbiased. We will not retain third party services in our own capacity on behalf of our clients, nor will we assume an agent capacity. Our relationship will be exclusively with our clients.

Leader’s Grid does not operate under the provisions set forth on SEC’s Rule 501 of Regulation D. In the same note, under every particular case, Leader’s Grid will be in compliance with the exceptions defined under one or more of the following: Section 4(a)(2), Section 4(a)(5), Section 3(a)(11), SEC Rule 1001 pursuant to Section 25102(n) of the California Corporations Code, and the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act (or JOBS Act).