Leader’s Grid is an investment and corporate development firm. If your company is within our industries of interest we might provide you with a term sheet and invest in it.

We provide funding mainly at the earlier stage of the business:

  • Seed money from Angel investors within Leader’s Grid
  • Series A (Early stage) investment as VCs
For late stages, we provide all the corporate development assistance needed to have you funded under the best valuation possible, and in the shortest time.

Other services

This is a brief summary of our services:

Business mentoring – If you want to start a company, if you are in the process of understanding your industry, building your company, growing it in terms of sales and revenues, or increase your profit levels, we can aid you in the process to set new goals and meet them.

Prepare for funding – We help startups, bootstraps, and mature companies create the documents needed to be more corporate, understand their business from a financial, strategic planning, and corporate development perspective, and eventually present themselves to potential VCs, funds, and investors, or even crowdfunding.

Accelerate your business – Among our clients, business partners, and umbrella of related companies and professionals, we have built a set of strengths and levels of expertise from which your company can leverage and use in its growth plans. We are able to accelerate your growth.

Aiding you during the actual funding process – Once you understand your business and you are prepared to get funded, we can train you for your roadshow, guide you in how to pitch, and actually have an expert banker accompany you in your roadshow and be part of your team.

Soft landing – If you are planning on starting operations in the United States, you will need a business advisor to guide you through all aspects of starting a business. This will save you time, money, headaches, and will get you on track in no time.

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